Shopping for office furniture and don’t know what to do?

confused about san diego office furniture  Well you’re not alone. In most smaller companies, when the CEO or someone at the top of ladder determines they need furniture, the task ends up in the hands of a person who has no idea how to shop for it or where to start.  If we had a dollar for every phone call we have received from a client looking for a desk or a workstation, who didn’t know the size or set up that they need, and their boss said it needs to be as inexpensive as possible, well… we wouldn’t have to work anymore! So what are the steps in purchasing office furniture? Here are the first two…

Step 1: Determine the need.  Do you need a desk? Or a Workstation? Or 30 workstations? If so, do you know what size? How about café furniture? Lounge furniture? A reception station? Collaboration? A training room? Ergonomic accessories? Oh , and don’t forget teleconference! And…. you get the point…  Determining exactly what it is your office may need isn’t always easy. But come up with a few key factors and then proceed to step two….

Step 2: Call a furniture consultant [Enter Crawford and Company]

It is our job as your furniture consultants to assist you with selecting products that fit your budget and vision and will be able to grow with you as your company grows.  We have 6 furniture consultants, all with several years experience in the industry, and an extremely talented team of professionals to assist our consultants. With our experience, we know the right questions to ask to determine the best solution for your company, which is rarely the most expensive option (regardless of what those other guys tell you! So if you’re stuck trying to determine how many people you can fit in your space, we will take your floor plan and then provide you with a block plan to determine how many stations you can fit at specific size stations. Then, once the quantity needed has been determined, we can then whittle down the exact workstation layout that works for your company and employees.

No? You don’t want a cube farm? Ok then how about this approach:

Allsteel Stride
Allsteel Stride Workstations

Allsteel offers 5 different systems for workstations and desking solutions. They focus the functionality of their products as well as the advancement of technology and the changing workplace, all while keeping design aesthetic in mind.   And if your need doesn’t point to Allsteel as the solution, we represent over 200 manufacturer’s of furniture. Our knowledgeable consultants will help to point you in the right direction as to which products will work best for your need.

So what happens next? You call us! We will help you in your selection of a new building or suite by creating a “test fit” floor plan for you (Free of charge!). From there, we will assist you in selecting the best product line for your need and budget. And if you’re not moving and just updating your space or trying to fit more employees in, we can do a test fit and a station typical per a conversation of what is needed for your space. We also make a point of it to come out and meet with our clients and see the space you are looking to improve. There will not be any pulling teeth getting our account executives out of the office, we promise! The best part of all of this? We leave you with a solution, you present it to your boss, your boss loves it, you get credit, you get promoted. It’s THAT easy.

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Bring your FUN to Work Day!

There’s a new trend happening in the workplace. It involves something the younger generation has started and the older generations may have a tough time adjusting to. It may make everyone a little uncomfortable at first…. But eventually, our society will adapt and accept this new trend. That trend is bringing FUN and dynamic furniture into the workplace. Here’s some fun office design that we love!Fun-and-colorful-Unilever-office- fun-offices-fun-office-design-furniture-san-diego-california Creative Office Interior Design  FUN-OFFICE-OFFICES-DESIGN-FURNITURE-SAN-DIEGO-CALIFORNIA-CRAWFORD-AND-COMPANY-ALLSTEEL-1

FUN office design- crawford and company- san diego office furniture- southern california- 1 FUN office design- crawford and company- san diego office furniture- southern california Office we love- Fun office design- interior design- office furniture- san diego california- southern california- crawford and company

Furniture manufacturers have been studying how people behave physically when they work and collaborate. For example, Allsteel studied how people lean on pieces of furniture when they converse with others. From this study, they developed a line of furniture called Gather. In this line, there are many products that are designed to lean on, lean against, and even climb on. Here are some examples:

Allsteel Linger and All around table
Allsteel Linger and All around table
Allsteel Rise Benches, Linger Lounge chairs, All Around tables and Scooch stools
Allsteel Rise Benches, Linger Lounge chairs, All Around tables and Scooch stools

In addition to this thorough product design by Allsteel, other manufacturers are now bringing products to the market that we may have never expected to see in the office. Here are some examples of some of the wonderful new products we can offer our clients to create a fun and dynamic workplace:

SKY- Light diffuser, light blocker, cubicle light wall- office furniture- architectural wall- san diego
Sky Architectural Elements
SixInch Opposit- soft foam lounge furniture- office furniture san diego- crawfrd and company
Opposite Foam lounge furniture
Loftwall wave wall- architectural wall- room divider- office furniture- san diego- interior design
Wave architectural wall
LoftWall- Interior walls- Architectural walls- Office furniture- san diego, ca- Crawford and Company
Loft Wall Architectural moveable wall
Tree- Crawford and Company
Tree Architectural Elements
Wave Wall- Crawford and Company
Wave- architectural magazine wall
Xhibit magazine rack
Xhibit magazine rack
Sono Architectural Wall detail
Sono Architectural Wall detail
Allsteel Rise
Allsteel Rise
Intima Modular Lounge Seating
Intima Modular Lounge Seating
Spot mobile Benches
Spot mobile benches
Allermuir Pebble
Pebble Soft bench stools
Allsteel Gather Collection
Allsteel Gather Collection
Allsteel Further Benching and Gather Collection
Allsteel Further Benching and Gather Collection
Rocket Chair- FUN office furniture
Rocket Chair
Monolite Highback Collaboration Area
Monolite Highback Collaboration Area

Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about these fun products for your office space. We would LOVE to help you create a fun and exciting work environment!

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We service all areas within the continental Unites States.

Fun Office Design


Teamwork Office Furniture : Allsteel Gather

Teamwork Office Furniture : Allsteel Gather.- By Meghan Young.

The Allsteel Gather office furniture collection focuses on the latest evolution of the workplace, which happens to involve teamwork and collaboration. Instead of encouraging distance, independence and an overall sterile environment, this collection embraces connectivity between coworkers that will breed casual, spontaneous exchanges and other such interactions.

Especially perfect for idea sharing, the Allsteel Gather office furniture collection will promote a more creative routine. In place of stifling cubicles and drab decor, the Allsteel Gather collection offers modern designs that are more open and airy.

The Allsteel Gather office furniture collection was commissioned by HOK and IDa Design. It won Silver at this year’s NeoCon, which shows just how much people want a more collaborative and interactive to space to work in. Allsteel specifically caters to this.